Tap Changes

Well, the Leaping Lemur from Hillsboro Brewing went over so well,  we’re going to try it on tap instead of Spotted Cow for a bit.  (Cow will still be available in bottles!) We’re also adding Shock Top for a refreshing summer beer choice.

You may see the new wing flavors we tested appearing as a Flavor of the Month type of option. Our boys in back had a great time coming up with new sauces and rubs for the wings.  Stayed tuned as you never know what else they may concoct!

Spring Spruce UP

We know you’re all busy with outside spring clean up chores. When you lose all track of time because of all the fun you’re having raking, call us! We can have dinner ready to go in a flash. Did you invite friends to the raking party? Then grab our Broasted Chicken Combo Bucket . It’s available in 8,12,16 or 20 piece deals.

We heard  A LOT of good feedback on the latest Limited Time Menu. A few of the items will definitely be making a reappearance- soon.  Don’t fret, because our next LTO is already in the works…..

Black River Falls, Wisconsin