Thank You to everyone that so willingly became our taste-testing guinea pigs for all the tasty, new and different burgers we featured throughout summer. Because you sacrificed your taste buds for our experimentation, we are able to make donations to both Vets Roll and Folds of Honor (check out their websites!) This was a fun promotion and we’re sad to see it end. Don’t worry, some of these burgers will DEFINITELY be seen again…..

End of Summer

I hate doing this post every year at this time. Yes it’s true, we’re at the end of the summer season. With that being said, we will be losing quite a few servers to college, tech, sports, and all sorts of other reasons. Do you feel like you’d like to make some extra cash? Can you be a benefit to this thriving restaurant? Then get on in here and join us! No worries if you’ve never served or bartended before as we have a great training program. Stop in today for an application or print one from our website. We look forward to meeting you!

Burgers Galore

Our Bud-n-Burger Promotion to benefit Folds of Honor and Vets Roll is off to a fantastic start! Hopefully you’ve had a chance to try the first two burgers out of our tantalizing line-up. A new burger is featured every week- we’re not talking your run of the mill burgers either. Where else are you going to find the Verland of the Beefster? Well right here of course! Cold beer and Great burgers!! See you soon.

Bud-n- Burger

We’re doing it again! Our Bud-n-Burger Promo will begin on Thursday, May 23rd. Join us for 14 different, unique and tempting burgers- a different one featured each week for 14 weeks! We will also have Discovery on tap- a red lager developed by veterans commemorating the moon landing.  Proceeds from this promo will go to Folds of Honor and Vets Roll- check out their sites:

vetsroll.org         foldsofhonor.org

It’s that time of year again where we’re gearing up for a busy summer. Care to put your talents to use and join us as a bartender? We’re accepting applications for this highly sought after position. Stop in or print one off from our site and submit it today!



Black River Falls, Wisconsin