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For banquet and meeting facilities, don’t forget about Jerel’s Club 95 in Hixton

99% of the time, this blog is about our Black River Falls restaurant, Re-Pete’s Saloon & Grill.

But sometimes we use it to inform you about our Hixton restaurant, Jerel’s Club 95.

One thing it has that we don’t have: banquet and meeting facilities, the best in Jackson County. Check it out!

Hot outside, cool inside

It’s been pretty steamy outside- so if you really don’t feel like cooking in your hot kitchen, come on in where it’s always comfortable and let us take care of you.

We’ve got some great new lunch specials we’ll be trying in the next few weeks-be sure to check them out! Also say “HI” to Mary, who is our new addition to the day staff.

Our crew will certainly miss Karan. She has different employment during the day but we will still have her smiling face around for a few week night shifts.

The Boss is Gone!

Jen is gone this whole week so if you want to come in and not be harrassed by her-now’s your chance! The rest of the staff will try to make up for her absence.  We still aren’t quite sure how to manage an entire week without her, but…..

Have you been an offender yet??? We’ve serves over 100 since it’s beginning a few short weeks ago. Put it on your to-do list this week.

New Nightly Specials

We’ve switched up some of our nightly specials so come in and check them out! On Mondays, we are offering our 1 meat fajitas at a whopping low price of $9.99- save room for Kerry’s fried ice cream afterward. Tuesdays,  find our broasted chicken dinner at $8.99. Wednesday is of course- WING night. 4 different styles to mix and match. If you love ribs, Thursday is your night to come out. Friday night stayed the same with Jerel’s delicious prime rib or all you can eat atlantic cod. You can still get prime rib on Saturday night if you passed it up for Friday’s fish. We look forward to seeing you soon.